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Jes Gordon:

When asked to write about what my company does and who we are as a team, so many things come to mind, it causes me to take pause so I can attempt to give the best explanation possible!

First of all, I have had this evolving project for over thirty years now, yet I remain youthful and I am consistently setting the trends, not only keeping up with or following them. I have had the honor of working all over the world with all kinds of clients some of whom everybody knows about, and others who wish to remain unknown. We adore and appreciate you all.

I suppose if I were writing a resume, I would say that we mainly conceptualize, design, manage and produce events, but truthfully that just seems like a small part of what we are about.

The types of events we do are limitless: social, corporate, weddings, bar/bat mitzvah’s, product launches, pop-up shops, holiday, re-branding and so on, but we believe that you can celebrate anything if you put your mind in the right place to do so. We help you get there!  Did I mention that I am a master florist? Our floral division is the finest in the world. I personally have studied every type of floral artistry, and my team continues to dazzle me with their talents as we learn from each other every day.


We also believe that you can take anything in your life and make it better, which is where the proper FUN comes in. For the lack of a better term, I adore taking things from drab to fab!

So, if you aren’t in the mood to throw a party, and are just simply tired of your surroundings in your home, office, or wherever, I can jump into motion and revitalize your world by getting to know you and what you’d like to achieve, and get going on making everything look spectacular and more importantly, feel revived.

Yes, for the most part you will actually work with jesGORDON; me. I put my name on the door for a reason and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have turned my creative passion into a profession. I tend to design and produce from the inside out meaning that I love logistics and I know that making your dream come true may come with some budget restrictions and boundaries. That’s cool, a challenge makes me feel alive!  The first voice you will hear will be that of kaitMOTLEY our operationsDIRECTOR, and someone whom I admire greatly and entrust with all of the moving pieces of our world and yours.

An important thing I am aware of are my strengths and weaknesses. The “financial” part of what I do sometimes gets in the way of my creative process and frankly I am not great at it, so I am thrilled to report that I have an entire team that handles our business management, taxes, contracts, bookkeeping and overall trusted guidance. These masters are The Turtle Bay Group located in NYC, and I am forever grateful to them for their belief in what we achieve here.

How We Roll

Our entire team happily takes this journey with me, and I am thrilled to continue to educate them on every possible scenario your project could represent. We rehearse every twist and turn your event could take before it actually happens meaning we would rather have a dress rehearsal for possible mishaps rather than have them happen in real time. Speaking of time, we take a lot of it and its well spent by getting to know you and how to express who you are in an experiential way, so that your guests can enjoy who you are through the art of celebration.    We believe that life is short, so you should enjoy it through the five senses in a harmonious and balanced way. We are here to “equalize” your enjoyment. In short, we are ENERGETIC, ECLECTIC & ELECTRIC!
We cannot wait to take this joyous journey with you.


Entertaining without boundaries 

what should i do with my life?


Jes has been in the event production industry since the age of thirteen, and no we are not going to tell you how many years ago that was!!! However, at this stage of the game, there is nothing she hasn’t seen or done in the world of parties, entertaining and design. Whether or not, you are thinking of going into the industry or if you are already in it, Jes can help you become more fluid in making essential decisions and trouble-shooting in moments of despair or just simply not knowing what to do! Jes has a genuine and honest outlook on the industry, and is not shy about expressing  the good, the bad and the ugly.



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Bridelux Symposium

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