Will You Marry me

Yes! Yes! Yes! Absolutely! OMG! OMG! OMG! Now what do I do??????
Easy Peasy little Greasy!
Call JG!!!!!

Tulips! I Love Tulips! Or Really Special Calla Lilies! You know the ones that look like Amethysts?

  • Let's worry about them later. We have a lot to think about now!
    Wait! Wait! Wait! I just got thirty wedding magazines and I have to show you what the stars are doing at their wedding! I want that!
    Isn't this perfect? Why not? It's not my fault if purple isn't your birthstone!

OK. We'll make this a seating area. I love it!
Yes I do think it's a good idea to mix and match some masculine décor so we can both enjoy and respect each other's tastes.

How about we do a combination at the altar? Hanging Greens as part of a floral bower?

"That's cool, but I'm the Bride and I say I really want the fifty shades of Purple to be the underlying color scheme. All the designers say to have a basic color scheme and go from there."

"Yeah, that may be true but I've got the Magazines for the Groom and they say anything can be made to work and to not be afraid to voice your preferences."

So let's compromise. I like the Cooler stuff and you are a naturalist. It can be done. I know just the designer to do it. JG!

How about my table of flowers inside,

And then touches of your Natural Self all around the Venue.

I have to admit, that looks amazing!

JG says to tie contrasting colors or shapes together, introduce another shape or hue that will act as a magnet for both. Here are a few ideas that will work well.

We start with the greenery, add some yellow and coral touches.

And you are on your way to lavender which is on the way to violet and fuscia and PURPLE!

And then we can even get some of both in a really cool table arrangement so everyone knows we worked together!

Like This?


And don't forget you can have more than one strong color. As a matter of fact, that makes any even more interesting and suggests a creative side of you no one would have known!

Pretty sharp and really beautiful!

"Well, I suppose we can pretty much agree on this by now. I'm glad we decided to go with JG"

"Me too. Anything else you can think of before we call and tell them what we want?

"One more thing. My Uncle loves Potato chips. Can we do that?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Well, um…"

As Jes Says: Almost anything goes as long as it goes with you.